This Graphic from the UK Dept of Energy etc, conceals the true state of the inefficiencies of a Centralised power systems (as opposed to Decentralised power systems). If we correctly dismiss Imports and Renewable Energy (as they are non-generated) then inputs to power generation are 44.9 with losses of 29.2 (plus a possible component of the 4.0 units regarding Energy Industry usage and other losses - that we have ignored for the moment).

Thus 29.2/44.9 is 65% of energy losses {mainly heat losses} so 35% fuel efficient. And its probably worse than this.


Electrical Production by MethodInterestingly enough the usage of Gas by the domestic sector {Heating and Cooking} at 27.4 is within the heat losses of Centralised Energy production!
IF ONLY WE COULD..............wait a minute!

Combined Heat and Power - CHP (decentralised power) can do both, at fuel efficiencies in the order of 85% {as the 'waste' heat is distributed to end users via a Heat Network}. Just like in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The Heat Network distributes heat energy in the form of hot water (very hot water at normal or high pressures) via heavily insulated high volume pipes. Then each sub-zone would have a smaller distribution pipe. Finally each property would have a connection and provide a Heat Exchanger {in place of typically a Gas Boiler} plus a large hot water storage tank. The Hot Water Tank is to provide "buffering" between Supply and Demand - typically those working may concentrate demand around their working hours. This factor can cause issues where a "Just In Time" [JIT] system would fail. 

If we add in the technology of bio-digestion (from Sewage and Organic wastes) we have a source of bio-methane to run these CHP systems - using the UK's excellent and extensive Gas Grid! Plus there is the use of Compressed Bio-Methane - CNG - as a transport fuel too {with a much lower Fuel Duty}.

Our message - STOP DEMONIZING GAS {Methane} Plus: Bio-Methane should be considered as "Carbon Negative" {as it removes methane escape to the atmosphere} and there are many, many sources of escaping methane to be tapped.

Wake Up UK.