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"I hate cooling towers" is my latest Sun Earth Energy Blog.

Cooling Towers! I hate to see Cooling Towers!!

"A Testimony to Waste" {approx 60% wasted Heat Energy to the Atmosphere!!} Just as my {then Children} will testify, in the mid 1990's as we traveled down the A1 at Ferrybridge {Power Station} - [now demolished]. 

But  it could have supplied a 'Heat Network' to the adjacent town of Knottingly - similar to the Battersea Power Station, that supplied Heat to the Pimlico Estate.

Coal, Gas, Oil or even Nuclear - all use Cooling Towers in respect of the steam turbines to drive the electricity generation: But the Carnot Cycle needs to revert the steam back into water

But the notion of "Centralised Power Generation remains - and there is the problem!