Plastic packaging, films, and assorted plastic components will need careful attention to best use this waste stream to the greatest effect. Consequently incineration is not considered a viable solution due to problems with dioxins in the pollutant exhaust and poor levels of energy release.

I EcoBloc maxx 01 frg rgbHowever many plastics are able to be re-formed into useful objects, in the storm water and management of flooding in many situations. One such use is of stable, underground water storage, both as flood control and for retention in hot climates - but suffering from short periods of heavy rains. 

These interlocking forms can be stacked underground up to 5m in height - and still allow the land above to be used as playing fields or even for parking with appropriate additional strengthening. Very much ideal for nations where water/rainfall is for limited periodicity but heavy. Example West Coast of the African Continent, with trade winds bringing heavy rains.

Stackable Plastic Crates

Stackable stormwater control crates offer a modular design that give you more flexibility over how the system is installed and set-up in the ground. One of the major benefits of using stackable crates is that the installation can be completed much faster and without the need to use specialist heavy equipment. These types of crates are more suitable for areas that cannot accommodate a long row of crates attached to each other. Instead, they are stacked on top of each other to retain a large storage holding and facilitate the release of rainwater into the surrounding environment when needed.  

Light duty crates

Light duty stormwater control crates are best suited for pedestrian loads through to domestic vehicular loads. In most cases, light duty crates are installed in gardens and landscaping areas and have a load limit of around 20 tonnes. The depth of cover, tank depth, top surface cover, ground type (granular or cohesive) and usual loading traffic will all have to be accounted for to ensure this type of crate is suitable for the land.

Heavy duty crates

Heavy duty stormwater control crates are designed to accept large weight loads at ground level, often exceeding a 60-70 tonne load rating. The exact load a capacity is decided by the cover depth, soil type, surface finish and other similar factors, which can be determined by the installation company. A heavy-duty stormwater control crate is typically installed in areas that experience large amounts of traffic on a regular basis, or for car parking areas that accommodate several domestic vehicles.