I have one final question. Are we going to meet the 2.5% of GDP target for research and development?

Steve Field: We have set out spending plans in the last spending review and those still hold.

Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown: That still holds.

Steve Field: The spending plans we have set out are the spending plans, yes.

Chair: We cannot push you any further on that; we have to challenge the Minister. Can I thank our witnesses very much indeed for their time, particularly on this hot and sticky day?

It is a hugely important issue that the Committee is very focused on and will obviously return to. We recognise that it is very complex. Also, it can feel like it is hard to pin down. This is why were quite keen to have a public reporting approach that makes it easier for the public to understand, picking up on Ms Morris’s points about the consumer role in this, which is obviously critical. We all have to play our part.

The transcript of this session will be available on the website uncorrected in the next couple of days. Thank you to our colleagues at Hansard for their work on that. We will be producing a report. We are cutting it fine now, but we hope it may be before the Summer recess. Thank you very much indeed.